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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 13, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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coming, but it won't be coming on september 1st. where this goes in response to the chinese, and the ongoing hong kong situation. here comes the five. ♪ >> greg: high i'm greg. dana perino with the five. dana. ♪ if he could change a tire, maybe you could change the world. >> i'm changing the tire on this truck. it's the one, that went great.
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it beats watching him clip his ear hair. >> when you don't get it cut, it can be nasty. >> greg: yeah, dragging you to the dentist to see the inside of his gaping mouth. >> so, i'm here at the dentist, family is all together and we are going to continue our and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. series on the people at the how could it get any better than this? border. >> greg: so what's next for dad, i just caught a goldfish! slender man? what other impersonations of a there's no goldfish in this lake. regular guy can he do? can he hammer a nail into the coffin of his dead campaign or whoa! it's pure gold. dig a ditch where he can bury we're gonna be rich... the unsold copies of we're gonna be rich! it only gets better when you switch and save with geico. "vanity fair"? meanwhile, she gets an ear full of reality from a foreigner. farmer >> i don't agree with that. [laughs] >> greg: the truth left her cold as, love finds no.
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>> okay. i want to make your health care way you like it. billions of problems. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? there's a therabreath for you. >> greg: then she threw her behind bars. therabreath fresh breath oral rinse while that was bad. instantly fights all types of bad breath and works for 24 hours. so you can... neither liz or marla feel breathe easy. there's therabreath at walmart. ♪ comfortable. sleep this amazing? then there's trump. that's a zzzquilpure zzzs sleep. love him or hate him, he's our liquid has a unique botanical blend, achieved one great thing. by comparison, he makes every while an optimal melatonin level means no next-day grogginess. politician who still acts like one look kind of funny. zzzquil pure zzzs. naturally superior sleep. never let his unique personality become subservient. you'd think they'd figure this out by now. you aren't going to beat trump
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with let's pretend we are real. you win by being real. too bad that's not an option for the democrats. the only real people they have seem to be ignored or mocked, like marianne. the others, cookie-cutter clones. here's the cookie monster. the thing is, dana, everybody just kind of looks fake. trump broke that, and it can't ever be the same, and there's only one person on that battlefield that can >> greg: marianne? >> greg: marianne williamson. she's not pretending to be anybody. she's the real deal. she's fighting a psychological battle, which makes are different than all those others. ♪ >> dana: the interesting thing >> all right, it's "one more that you just said is that the backfire in and exposes their on thing." let's do this, come on. the health care piece with ♪ animals are great, animals are great ♪ kamala harris, it's like, wait, what are you really for? >> there is nothing worse than and how can you say you are sharing a twin bed with a fat going to do these things without friend.
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check out this little hamster messing anything else up? when you are talking about here. he's like how am i getting into health care to a senior citizen, this thing? they love their medicare and he finally gets in there and he they don't believe that their is like, get out. medicare will remain the same if you provide medicare for all. they note that that isn't possible. [laughs] it's a good one. >> that's better than hedgehogs beto has this problem of not drinking water. >> that is true. looking authentic, like a and i think that's why -- ♪ gimmick. let's put aside what happened in el paso. but, the stuff that he did, like animals are great, animals are at the dentist. and then you have warren. great. ♪ >> soon to be a major motion her left-wing agenda is pretty much done on arrival of middle picture. america. >> i have a good one i think. it is targeting, zeroing in on so there is a former child refugee and with the help of the their biggest vulnerability. internet she has tracked down we want what can they do? it seems like they can't figure the man who gifted her up it out. bicycle 24 years ago when she and her mother lived in a dutch they are kind of in a pickle. refugee camp. she's now 29 years old and she's >> they are in a pickle. that's a good way of putting it. not retracing her journey from iraq and shared her story i think one of the great things yesterday because she was that trump did was destroy the looking for this guy. she sends a tweet out saying my fakeness of american presidential campaigning.
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5-year-old heart exploded with joy when i got this bike, can i hate this business where they try to demonstrate their anyone help me find this man? i got in contact with his family authenticity by, we know he and earlier today they had a doesn't change tires. chance to make dumb like to meet face-to-face. egbert has been helping refugees since the 90s and he thought in a vehicle that it had its the bike was just a small gesture but as you can see, it's tires done by beto o'rourke anyway. we want why a german auto way, a good one. >> i just came back from the mark? beach as i mentioned yesterday >> mark: i'm in new york. where i was looking for sharks but the best i got to see were it's a crazy state in many ways. >> greg: it is. dolphins. dolphin fends off the coast of >> katie: one of the things north carolina. about trump is, it's a but look what happened to this fisherman off of the coast of bipartisan thing. i live in new hampshire. san diego? we don't get the mypillow adds. that's an orca whale. we just get these political ads at a killer whale emerged next all the time. to a 21-foot fishing boat. i'm proud to say i was born the the huge whale followed the boat son of a mailman. he was a lehman brothers. for 10 minutes and and as you he is the brother of a lehman. can see, he began to walk twirling in the water to entertain the fishermen. he says "i'm proud to say i was it was part of a large pot of the son of a --" but broke away to follow the
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boat. to me, it's the orca that they i'm proud to say i grew up the son of a president. will remember for a lifetime. we had it tough act then. speak out that's why animals are trump destroyed all that. great, greg. you can't go back to it. >> greg: you. >> that's not an animal. >> i want to seek -- this video what about, the most authentic person behind marianne is has been seen by 6 million bernie. people and has gone super viral he's the real deal. >> mark: first of all, i'm and it shows a man whiling away stunned. the hours of the atlanta city >> juan: he is now the biggest airport by playing rock, paper, fan of marianne williamson in scissors with a tarmac worker. the world. i didn't think it was possible for air travel to get any worse, this is a total set up. but having to pay rock, paper, scissors on the tarmac at >> greg: you are reading it atlantic city for three hours -- trump was right to get out of incorrectly. >> juan: i know, because i'm the atlantic city business. they go to atlantic city to play always wrong. rock, paper, scissors. humanizing politicians is i'm going to be guest hosting for tecra tonight which is a america's apple pie. it has always been there. great shame because he would
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you don't tell your candidate to have loved to have gone full chris cuomo on the headlines. get human, to be authentic, you are not a political consultant. >> quickly? >> first responders at the nevada county fair over the if somebody told the weekend had some fun. donald trump, "why don't you hire someone to stand around." they dressed up as dinosaurs and did a t-rex race. check this out, look how fast they can run. i believe that's what happened. they run faster in these >> greg: it's a tv show. outfits -- craig, i know you it's always going to be a tv were that last saturday night out, but they are running faster show for trump. but he's natural. he's natural natural. with the outfits than i can with them. >> juan: a taco bowl on up next is "special report." cinco de mayo? >> bret: good evening, i am >> mark: that was dehumanizing bret baier reporting just down the hall from fox news dehumanizing. headquarters tonight. authorities are calling it chaos >> greg: one, you know who in hong kong. at wright police clash with trump doesn't talk about? protesters after they shut down marianne williamson. operations of the chinese he doesn't talk about her. territories airport for a second >> dana: early on, i think it consecutive day. here in new york, word from was at one of the debates, you said, she's the only one up president trump that the chinese are delaying tariffs on there that is actually talking
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to people in a language that cell phones and laptops and they can understand. other products that send stocks soaring on wall street. >> juan: the good thing about the s&p 500 finishing had 43 and her is that she says you can't the nasdaq is jumping to 153. outrun anybody. the president says he remains you've got to talk to them on an optimistic of the trade deal emotional level. remember, she said trump is darkness and hatred and you've with china, according to u.s. got to come with love and light. intelligence telling himha >> greg: that is a cohesive argument. >> juan: but it's all about performance. >> i get what they want to seem relatable. remember president obama. i think it's really sad that you need consultants to tell politicians to be a human. but i think it's sad, because it would be fine if beto were out there. he changed the tire the way i change a tire. it's pretty obvious to everybody. they are tripping over there own
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feet to try to figure out what their voters want. this one worked running against somebody like mitt romney. i think it would work against somebody who was a program to candidate. but they are running against the guy who won by just saying whatever he had to say, being himself. sometimes he's not politically correct, so it doesn't work. they should spend less time trying to do this and trying to figure out, hey, who are rerunning against and if we actually win, dominic. say what he's got to say. >> juan: that's why he walks up behind hillary clinton and looks like a -- he does all of these things. >> he makes mistakes. he makes mistakes, one, but it's real. he's that dominic got that feel
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of this is how he would feel. >> juan: that's why when i sit around, i get all the women who have accused bill clinton and have a panel. >> greg: it's a show for him. >> juan: he is an authentic showman. >> greg: who got to wrap this up. marianne still not the debate. he reportedly videotaped everything that's got the feds just rated. ♪ if your glasses aren't perfect, we'll fix them. so will we won't! [ laughing ] don't get just one pair of perfect glasses. buy any pair at regular price, get one free.
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>> breaking news and the follow-up after jeffrey abstains' death. quote temporarily reassigned thn where he died. they put two guards who were assigned to watch him on leave. as the federal government is investigating his death, disturbing details are emerging about the convicted sex offender. "vanity fair" reporting his private island that the feds just rated. everyone on the island was being taped as an insurance policy. dana, with that suggest blackmail? >> dana: i guess. i don't like to do conspiracy theories until there's a little bit more. because i do think that the most obvious thing that happened is
2:16 pm
that the guards weren't there to check on him. he somehow got off suicide watch and he killed himself. now we are just having to deal with the fact that they have been placed on the ministry of leave. they have been moved to a different job while there is an investigation. there could be lots of reasons why there are videotapes. that's why we have all of this reported crime activity that you can send into the local post though my police station. i don't know if the people who were talking to vanity fair were actually in a position to know that it was used as blackmail or if they were just reminding that it could have been blackmail. >> juan: i think everybody in america is tempted. the president today, doubling down. reporters asked him, why are you
2:17 pm
reap dominic retweeting conspiracy theories about the clintons? he said, i know he was on that plane 27 times. people said, yet he took 27 flights, but it was only 4-6 trips. what is going on. why, if you are saying let's have a full probe, why is he not tweeting about that? >> he shouldn't be tweeting about that. he should be tweeting about a lot of the stuff that he tweets, but was a lot of concerns here that are serious. i don't think that the president of the united states, there are plenty of people talking about conspiracy theories out there, especially on social media. he shouldn't be one of them. it's really fascinating to me, the stories. they are so used to dealing with high-profile criminals, that it's bizarre to me that this protocol was deteriorating. i hope the fbi has access to that report that led that psychologist or that had of that
2:18 pm
team to take him off sica dominic suicide watch so quickl quickly. these victims and their legal representation want justice. yes, that's my breaking news for the hour. >> greg: are you sure? >> i'm going to take their word for it that he is dead and this alleged suicide. >> greg: alleged. >> out the videos, i think, for me, there's going to be a lot of high profile people here who are exposed. you saw it on friday those unsealed documents. you have everyone from prince andrew being named. from the perspective of the victims, they want their justice. these were young girls at the time, 15-16 years old that were saying they were. so if this is the way that tell
2:19 pm
mike to go about it, this is key for me. >> juan: i didn't realize this, but the medical examiner has not put out a death certificate. and from what we have, these new details, they said that there was shouting and shrieking from the jail cell, and the guards rushed in and said "breeze epstein, bree." >> greg: the media is playing a little game here. that was a pretty cheap move by the press. as any other arena run by government, it's a thing you can't get out of. >> mark: this prison has only had one other suicide in the last 40 years. everything that could go wrong did go wrong, and that's why we should all just have fun. don't like these conspiracy theories.
2:20 pm
there's no reason for. i say this as a canadian. those no reason for members of the royal family to be on that plane either. and this guy, who knows if he committed suicide? what has this guy done? given his situation, it's if i'm going down, i'm taking all of my princes and prime minister's with me. well, they are laughing at us. oh, he was supposed to be inspected every half hour, but it was eight hours. the cellmate mysteriously left. he was supposed to have paper bedsheets, but instead, he had these industrial scale things that you could hang himself with. it's all rubbish. they are laughing at us with the stuff. >> juan: what's the real reason? >> mark: well, that's the thing. he is a friend of the powerful.
2:21 pm
>> juan: that makes sense to me, but i'm just not sure about the rest. speak to the videotape they got off the island and at the bottom of the sea, then i will join in. >> juan: up next. donations to the presidents campaign asked dominic reportedly surged. that's next for you on the five. ♪ doctor bob, what should i take for back pain? before you take anything, i recommend applying topical relievers first. salonpas lidocaine patch blocks pain receptors for effective, non-addictive relief. salonpas lidocaine. patch, roll-on or cream. hisamitsu.
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keep them open and reduce inflammation for 24 hours of better breathing. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. trelegy is not for asthma. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. do not take trelegy more than prescribed. trelegy may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. think your copd medicine is doing enough? maybe you should think again. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy and the power of 1 2 3. ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 save at ♪ >> dana: democrats attempt to publicly shame trump voters. he is claiming that he and
2:26 pm
others have now raised over $1 million for president trump. no numbers show the presidents campaign is being funded by small dollar donations. it is coming from donations over $200. this is not stopping democrats from trying to cut off. suggests that impeachment might be the way to do it. >> if he has not defeated in the senate, he will still run as an impeached president. and there will be a good many people who won't want to hold fund-raisers for him. wealthy people who are benefiting from his bigotry. >> dana: but mark, going for impeachment could actually fuel trumps donor base even more. >> mark: bring it on, loser. last time around, as this time around, he gets his money in small donations in a way that met raw to mitt romney conant.
2:27 pm
big deal. he will still get his donations, and that's what he did last time, and that's the difference. he's not a donor candidate. >> dana: well, he is a donor candidate this time around. all those people who held back, they have all given this time. >> mark: they are getting on the bandwagon after. >> dana: i'm not arguing that. but it's not that they are holding back, everyone is all i in. they were able to capitalize on that over and over again. the republicans finally have a counter to what the democrats call act blue. they call it when read. another $20. they made a ton of money on the
2:28 pm
t-shirts. >> it's a huge problem. the folks on the left aren't used to having to deal with candidates on the right. they are seen grass roots support. that's very dangerous for competition, because that means that those people are going to go out and vote. those grassroots supporters get really passionate around election time. i'm just wondering if all of these left-wingers don't secretly work for trump, because everything that they are doing. you've got bill barr out there calling for a recession, that hurt so many of his viewers, are middle-class viewers. you've got left-wing commentators calling trump supporter's racist. now you have left-wing politicians actively going after. it's like, i don't know that they could try any harder to get trump elected. >> dana: we only have like amended and a half left. let me grab greg.
2:29 pm
>> greg: number one, to your point about the radical nature of trumps machine. the trump-pence website. look, if you are on the fence about anything, you have to think about what the left is doing. they are sanctioning a domestic trade war. they are waging a trade war against their nadir dominic neighbors. the left is complying the bigoted movement to their fellow americans. that is a trade war. that is just going to push the marginalized to give more money to trump. speak to people who have never given money before. remember when elizabeth moran gave the big speech on the floor and mitch mcconnell asked her to yield and nevertheless, she
2:30 pm
persisted. the democrats made so much money off of those t-shirts. >> juan: the reality is that the president had a two year jump on everyone in terms of fund-raising. he doesn't have really a primary challenge. the democrats have been raising money. the big money for trump as like this weekend in the hamptons where it was $250,000 a ticket. that's typical. >> dana: it is now. >> juan: typical, after citizens united, the amount of outside money, trump has a huge lead over the democrats from big donors who don't necessarily identify. that's where the money is coming. but yeah, i just think that we say, oh, trump has the surge in terms of these small donors. the small donors are being drawn in with things like t-shirts and the like. but the big money comes from guys who say, you know what, i got that tax break.
2:31 pm
i got a huge tax break and thank you donald trump. >> greg: new york and california. >> dana: up next. >> it's an insult to your peopl people. >> greg: cnn's chris cuomo erupted. musical ♪ service, every time. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family,
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♪ >> mark: cnn's chris cuomo went ballistic after being confronted while he was out with his family. the guy apparently called him fredo, a reference from the
2:36 pm
movie the godfather. check out this confrontation. >> i do not insult you. do you want that to be her nickname customer >> i didn't call you that. >> you called me fredo. don't be a liar. i will blank ruin you. >> well why don't you do that? >> mark: cuomo has since responded and said that he misspoke. but his interpretation of the word fredo has apparently changed over the years. he is or what he said back in 2010. >> there's a group of people, politicos that they always hint that they might run but don't necessarily plunge all the way. they are members of. >> mark: cnn is creating even
2:37 pm
more controversy, claiming that fredo is an ethnic slur. >> kept fredo back home, so who cares what donald trump jr. say says. >> this guy, on these different occasions, basically tried to obstruct justice. >> nobody respected him enough to carry out his orders. >> mark: you know, greg, we should all just enjoyed this story. what i especially like about this is when he goes straight to the f word. he actually says, "oh, by the way i'm chris cuomo. i have a show on cnn. an "
2:38 pm
>> greg: you don't want to bother people, but also, don't turn things into things that are not racist into things that are. nor is fake news the n-word for journalism. something in cuomo's brain. that's the n-word for italians. it's something that he uses over and over again. it's an analogy for his own claims of victimhood. the guy who went after him is nothing like antifa. the bottom line is, i think he knew this was happening. but i think this feeds into his, i know his reputation as a tough guy. a network that throws around the
2:39 pm
h word. hitler. everybody that works here is somehow a white supremacist, according to cnn. >> mark: so if i follow that. [laughs] >> mark: the victimhood thing is the most absurd thing about this. the idea that fredo. >> it's not an athletic slur. it is not in nice. i mean, you are basically calling someone a loser. so it's not nice. i do get though, i mean, he's out with his family and he's trying to have a decent time. i think people that now exist to excite you, to come up to you, to aggravate you, to disrupt your peace, to record you, to try to capture some crazy thing that they can then distribute on the internet, it can be infuriating. i have my own moments where i
2:40 pm
can be out and that can happen, and i might just start blowing off steam in that moment. so i get it. he came on and said "i shouldn't have reacted that way. i shouldn't have taken the bait." i do get the roof frustration of just exists dominic existing in the public eye. >> greg: don't go out. >> mark: there is normal situations like go off the rails. if you are eating at a restaurant. but you don't do what this guy did. there is a cool way to react to this kind of thing, isn't there? >> juan: there is. i tend to walk away, but it happens, and it's very unpleasant. i'm shaken by the idea that this was recorded. this indicates to me that it was a set up of chris cuomo. the kind of rhetoric that he was
2:41 pm
using was intended to provoke chris cuomo. i think that's why you see so many people standing up for chris, including people on this channel. i know that the president doesn't like him. why are we defending chris cuom cuomo? i just wrote about it in my comments. some guy comes up to me and starts using offensive words and says he likes trolling me and he and his body buddies. he asked for a selfie. it's unbelievable. it's like, you ask me, what do i do? >> greg: do you think the comparison is fair that fredo is the n-word?
2:42 pm
>> juan: no, i think that this guys set up chris cuomo and chris cuomo file for the bait. apparently, i am very recognizable. >> mark: you know what i would love to see? i would love to see someone come up to dana perino in a restaurant and for dana to launch into a. someone should set that up. >> dana: i am so unrecognizable. this doesn't happen. when you are outside of new yor new york. years ago, i remember being called a war criminal. >> greg: i apologize for that. >> dana: i find it very unattractive when men do this. super unattractive. i also feel like being the white house press secretary, you never, ever let them rattle you. do not let them rob you of your dignity. but also, you have to remember that the cameras are always on. there's that. the other thing is, i met a total loss. i don't understand the controversy. i never saw the godfather.
2:43 pm
>> mark: that's how nice she is. before i can testify, she is the nicest. >> greg: c godfather one and two. >> mark: i was walking down the street with don rumsfeld after the iraq war. there were all these people yelling "war criminal. war criminal." and he just goes, "high. great to see you." >> juan: they don't know about my wife. she doesn't play by the same rules. >> mark: would you choose air conditioning or wi-fi on your vacation. you'd be shocked at what most americans pay. ♪ with sofi, get your credit cards right- by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. and get your interest rate right.
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♪ >> welcome back. everyone has heard of vacation nightmares, but for many americans, their worst fear is no wi-fi. in fact, america's tech addiction is so bad, most people would choose not having air conditioning over not having
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internet. the only thing that ranks worse than losing your luggage. i don't know. i treasure my air conditioning more than my wi-fi. throughout dell one >> greg: that's they physical sensation that you get when your technology is activated. how do you feel when you watch your phone charger? you can actually feel your phone charging. when the wi-fi is enabled, you get this feeling. it's also the same feeling. no, no no. when you get into your car and you see that you have a full tank of gas. when you have it empty, it's the same type of feeling. it's like you've activated these stress hormones. technology is now a drug. it is this feeling.
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>> dana: it's the dopamine. the one you can feel it. you can feel it. when your phone is charged, you get this weird feeling. >> greg: you can go for a run for endorphins. >> have people fleeing technology and going and paying a ton of money to go into these off the grid, $600 a night. >> dana: i think that parents, if you are going on a family vacation would rather have wi-fi than air conditioning, because the kids on the trip, they only want the wi-fi. >> you do this though. i've seen you when you go on vacation, you go, hey, i'm signing off now. >> greg: you are the real hero hero. >> mark: the taxation is never going to catch on. >> greg: come up with a better word then. [laughs] >> mark: taxation, the lousy
2:50 pm
notice of the concept. it's brilliant. people want to go to an exotic location that has no meaning unless you are actually there showing yourself and yourself you. here i am, at the top of everes everest. the virtual experience is real or than the real experience. and so there's no point going anywhere if you can't take all your computer gadgets with you. that's the point. >> juan: you haven't met me. not in my normal life, i try to. i was just on vacation, and yes, my kids all love it, but i don't believe it's true that they love it more than air conditioning. because i think that if you are hot and sweaty and nasty -- maybe if they are saying, as long as i can go to the dining room or the hotel lobby and be cool, maybe. but i think in actuality, i
2:51 pm
can't believe that people would say, oh, yeah, i'd rather be miserably hot and uncomfortable then lose wi-fi. i mean if you are out of contact for a few days, what is the loss? speak of the is hard though. i can look at. that's where the real battle lies. people spend hundreds of dollars because they go to a place where they have no choice but to not have it on. >> mark: that's like celebrity detox clinics. it's a false environment. you only want that because it's fakery. >> juan: but i think the real story here is that i think this is changing us as humans. >> greg: that was my point. [laughs] >> greg: it's a brilliant word texation. >> one more thing is coming up
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